Yoga for beginners

querease_online_yogaYoga is a discipline which dates back to thousands of years ago. The practice of yoga involves a set of asanas (exercises), each of which have their own targeted benefits. Yoga is a complete discipline that involves enriching the body as well as soul. Through yoga, one can achieve harmony uniting the mind, body and soul in its well-being.

The physical benefits of yoga manifest themselves in the form of all-round muscular fitness, glowing beautiful skin and hair, improved immune system, increased energy levels, greater flexibility and better posture. Yoga also keeps its practitioners from lifestyle diseases such as diabetes. Along with its numerous benefits for the body, yoga also offers a complete sense of well-being for the mind as well. By focussing on finding inner peace and living with greater awareness, yoga helps to alleviate stress, strengthens both personal and professional relationships and helps us to perform better.

However, the mention of ‘yoga’ often stirs up an image of an image of Baba Ramdev doing a headstand to the applause of a crowd of followers, leading most people to have a mindset that ‘yoga is not for me’. You might want to reconsider that belief once you have read the following advice offered by our online experts for beginners.

Yoga is not about limb-twisting. It is about achieving harmony of body, mind and soul. So if you are cant exactly touch your toes without bending your knees or have a paunch that obliterates the view of your toes completely, fret not. It is important to start small and set realistic, achievable challenges along the way.

The next step is to consult a yoga instructor. This shall not only serve to keep one regular, but also ensure that the exercises you practise are right for you and that your technique is correct. The sheer number and complexity of asanas often scares people and keeps them from taking up yoga. An instructor shall allow you to extract the maximum benefit from your efforts.

While yoga has a lot of health practices and keeps the mind and body at its best, it is not a substitute for medicine that may have been prescribed by a doctor. Incorrect practice can, in fact, aggravate existing problems such as spondylitis. It is, therefore, important to learn and practice yoga only with the guidance and supervision of a trained yoga teacher. While there are several organizations that offer yoga classes under the supervision of a trained instructor, you can also consult a specialist online from the comfort of your home at Querease.


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