How to relax and bust stress

querease_online_8Life is stressful. We all have our moments during the week where coping can seem impossible and we feel rushed, panicked and hassled. Our online counsellors bring to you a stress-busting manual to feel calmer during moments when life seems to have gotten the better of us.  Read on ahead to find tips on daily calming exercises that help you navigate your way through the day, take effective breaks, de-stress, recharge and get a good night’s sleep.

Planning your day ahead in the morning

There’s a reason that waking early in the morning is considered the habit of champions. Waking early gives us time to plan our day effectively and allows us to get more done. Stressful days are best dealt with through adequate preparation.

Meditate daily: Your 5 minutes of nirvana

You don’t need to learn how to chant. Simple things like taking a bath, listening to calming music can help you de-clutter your mind. If youre new to meditating, try listening to a guided meditation or simply focus on your breathing.

Sip some tea

Take the time to brew your own tea. Teas like chamomile can calm the nerves and are well-known for their relaxing properties.

Candles + aromatherapy = Mind-cleanse

Warm tones such as that of sunset helps you calm down and prepares you for sleep (It’s a natural bodily response.) Lighting scented candles helps to replicate the calming atmosphere of twilight. Scents like those of rose and lavender soothe and relax the nerves while citrusy smells such as orange and lemon uplift the spirits and energise you.

Undertake an art project

There are many of adult drawing and coloring books available at book stores today that are intended to calm and inspire your mind. What’s more, most of these come with pull out pages, so you can also frame your handiwork and decorate your space.

Simply take 5

When feeling overwhelmed, simple detach yourself from the situation mentally. Find a quiet and peaceful spot, close your eyes and breathe deeply in a slow and controlled manner. Reject all negative self-talk and focus on the positives. Tell yourself the situation could be a lot worse than it is at present. Focus on the task ahead to distract yourself.

Remember – Worrying doesn’t empty tomorrow of its hardships, it simply empties today of its strength.

While the above are ways and means to prevent anxiety, please consult a psychologist if the negative feelings persist for extended periods of time. Do remember – worrying has severe negative effects on your health. You can now speak with a psychologist online through Querease.




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