Smart meals- The perfect way to end the day

Previously, we’ve focussed on how to make your meals smart. Meals should be easy to put together, filling and nutritious without compromising on the taste of food. This week, we bring to you how to end the day with the perfect dinner.

Dinners are meals that most of us are too tired to fuss too much over and should be comforting and filling. What makes dinner different from most other meals is that while most meals are focussed on getting the maximum energy to power you for the day, dinners are intended to be filling enough to last you through the night yet light enough so as to avoid overloading your body with the unnecessary extra calories. This is important because an intake of calories during the day provides you the energy to get you through the day, while an intake of the same heavy meal at night time leads to a deposit of fat reserves in the body.

In addition, dinners are best consumed a few hours before you sleep. Desserts have best be avoided in the night and midnight trips to the fridge are a big no-no. Dinners are, in a nutshell, to be low on saturated fat in terms of nutritive value and high on fibre as well as anti-oxidants for a leaner, healthier you.

Dinner should always include at least two veggies and the addition of herbs and spices to boost flavour. Lean meats such as chicken and fish can be combined with greens such as broccoli, Brussel sprouts, spinach and celery stalks. For those who have dinner post workout, incorporating whole grains and eggs in one’s dinner makes an ideal post workout dinner. The carbohydrates in the whole grains help induce sleep at night.

In addition, foods like low-fat milk, yogurt, walnuts and bananas promote a healthy, rested night of sleep. Avoid eating large portions in the hours leading up to bedtime. In case of a late dinner, eat smaller portions till you feel about 80% full.

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