Why you can’t dismiss astrology as rubbish

querease_online_astorlogyAstrology is merely dismissed as time-pass by most people, even among those who check their horoscope regularly. Critics of astrology put forth many arguments in this regard, the most common of which is that there is no scientific evidence to back it. The information in most daily and weekly horoscopes is perceived by most readers as ‘nothing but common sense’.

However, sceptics may now have reasons to believe, given the numerous instances of astrologists predicting important world events and assertions from renowned practitioners about how the trade depends mostly on statistical observations of correlation.

Psychic twins Terry and Linda Jamison are known to have predicted the September 9/11 attack on the New York World Trade Centre. They also predicted attacks by Al-Qaeda in many European cities, which was later prevented by security forces.

Similar, there have been others who have predicted not only important milestones in world history such as the two World Wars, but also lives and deaths of notable American presidents. Astrologists claim that their study of planetary movements may be seemingly random but is governed by important natural phenomena such as gravity.

Astrology does, however, lack solid concrete foundations of facts and models, but then so does a relatively accepted field of science such as psychiatry. Astrologists claim that there is a level of human awareness, a sub-conscious state of mind which transcends the physical worlds and is more perceptive to the phenomena around us. This is what enables some of us to be take potentially better decisions and understand our surroundings better than others.

The goal of astrology is not certainty about the future, it is understanding and insight. The future is, after all, only relative. It is no wonder then astrology is evolving into a means for understanding ourselves, our circumstances and our relationships better. Astrologers today are seeing an increase in youngsters coming to them for help in addition to a traditionally elderly clientele. The demand for astrology and palmistry services today is a further indication that the youth are realizing the potentially powerful role that astrology can play in improving their lives.

The services that are the most in-demand are kundli matching and tarot card reading sessions. This only shows that young Indians are using this old tradition in modern ways and that somehow, an ancient art such as that of astrology is enjoying increasing relevance in a modern, fast-changing world.

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